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Micro-perforated and laminated woven sacks

Micro-perforating tools and spares for guaranteed air-flow with minimum loss of bulk materials.

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Air- and water permeability for food and non-food

Perforation by air-and water-proof materials can be made ​​permeable in a simple way. Various hole diameters from 3mm to 20µm are possible in rotative methods.

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Tear-off systems

A line of perforations located close together produces a tear-off perforation.

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Dirt and dust barrier

The perforating holes can be chosen so small that only air goes through, but no contents. Also, conversely, no dust or dirt can pass into the perforated packaging.

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By perforation filter materials can be produced economically.

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Machinery builders

For machine builders, we offer the integration of perforating units in existing lines.

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