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Easy Open System Unit - EOS

The "Easy Open System" Perforation unit!

Special (patented) construction for very fast easy opening perforation of PE shrink-wrap films for beverages and other packed goods or multipacks.

  • Easy opening
  • Coupons and price-tags can be taken out without destabilising the pack
  • Packs stay stable and can be carried even after opening and removing single bottles/cans


Check out the video of the machine in motion

Check out the video of the end-product

Here is the leaflet (in PDF format)


Machine typeCold Pin Perforating Unit
Machine name KP SOP
Working widthUp to 1'600 mm
Materials PE-films from 25 to 60 microns     
Line speed Up to 350 m/min with given film parameters    
Perforation tools Flexible design options on 150 x 150 mm space    
Electronic control

Short programming and simple commissioning as well as integration into the production line

Touch screen Siemens Profinet

Siemens Simotion Controller with Profibus & Profinet interface + IO

Remote access via Ethernet or GSM, thus control and remote maintenance possible

Synchronisation of production line with print-marks   
Drive systemSiemens servo-motor with absolute value transmitter Drive-CLIQ
Voltage400V + neutral differential does not start on supply by customer side 
External dimensions Total length: 3’225 mm, Depth: 732 mm, Height: 2’050 mm (without cover)

·       Independent measurement of film tension

·       Measurement via traction force indicator and analogue output

·       Acoustic shielding with sliding doors (ext. dimensions: 3'225x1'240x2'100mm)    

Special requests will be offered whenever possible!