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Perforating Services

Since we develop and build the machines as well as the perforating tools it is a natural step to offer various perforating services:

  • Consulting
  • Product Development
  • Pilot Run
  • Contract Perforation

Consulting and Development

If you wish to develop a new application, we propose the following easy steps:

  • set targets for desired application
  • discuss the  possibilities with our experts
  • develop a trial set-up
  • run trials in our laboratory under industrial conditions
  • review results and define improvements

This way, using our know-how and the Perforating Laboratory, we are ready to help you to develop new applications in perforating, embossing, napping, transporting, cutting, tearing, separating, and many others.

Perforating Trials

In our fully equipped laboratory we have a state of the art perforating line with roll to roll perforating and slitting.

There, we can produce samples with all sorts of pin tools, in a warm or cold process. The results can be used in the planning of complete units or for the development of new projects.

Contract Perforation

On our state-of-the art roll to roll perforating line we can run small series with the following specifications:
Perforating widthUp to 1'600 mm
Roll Weight

Maximum 800 kg on 1600 mm working width

Maximum 500 kg on 1000 mm working width

Reel DiameterMaximum 800 mm
Core Diameter3" or 6" (76 mm or 152 mm)
Perforating ToolsPin densities up to 150 pins/cm2 Pin diameters from 0.05 to 3.0 mm
Micro Perforation Hole Diameter from 0.02 to 0.1 mm
Macro Perforation Maximum diameter 3.0 mm
Counter RollerBrush, Rubber or Felt
HeatingInternal and external heating
Heating TemperatureUp to 300°C (measured on perforating ring)
Line Speed Maximum 150 m/min
Perforating MaterialsPlastics: oPP, PET, PS, PVC, PE, others Aluminium, Leather, Artificial Leather, Nonwovens, Nonwoven-laminates (20 to 90 gsm)