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Perforating Tools

Burckhardt pinning and perforating tools are high precision parts, produced in various versions:

  • Hole-Ø < 0.05 mm - ca. 3 mm (depending on requirement, material and density of pins)
  • Pin density up to 300 pins/cm2 when working with segments (no space between the rings), single rings with higher density possible
  • High concentricity
  • Pin projection from 0.3 mm - ca. 12 mm
  • Almost any pin and hole arrangement is possible, linear, spiral - patterns according to your demand
  • Unaffected by temperature, also over 300° C, very good resistance to wear and tear
  • Special corrosion resistant steel for the complete perforating unit (suitable for food)
  • Big variety of supporting materials (bronze, brass, steel, stainless steel, plastic, aluminium, wood, etc.)

Ultra-high-density pin perforation at 303 pins/cm2


For special ultra-high-density perforations we have developed new perforating tools with 303 pins per square centimetre - this is a new world record!