Production of Precision Parts, Tools and Machines for Perforating and Fibrillating

Burckhardt products have to meet high standards. Customer satisfaction is our uppermost goal and proof of our quality. We seek to strengthen our leading position by providing solutions in the area of Perforating, Fibrillating and Precision Parts specialties. We produce and market innovative products and solutions of high quality using state-of-the-art technology for unmet needs.

Our Services


of Tapes and Films


of Tapes and Films

Shark Fibrillating Bars

Fibrillating Tools

Fibrillating Bars

Fibrillating Applications


with Pin Tools and Units


with Pin Tools and Units

Perforating Services

Perforating Tools

Perforating Machinery

Easy Open System

for secondary + tertiary packaging

Easy Open System

perforation of packed cans or PET bottles

Easy opening

Coupons and price-tags can be taken out without destabilising the pack

Packs stay stable and can be carried even after opening and removing single bottles/cans

Industry Applications

Burckhardt offers solutions for packaging, automotive and pharmaceutical industry, for food and agricultural production, Non-Wovens and Hygiene, technical textiles, construction and other industries.

Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Vacuum Rollers
  • Rotary Sealing Tools
  • High Pressure and Precision Sieves (drilled)

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Technical textiles

  • PTFE Staple fibres
  • FIBC’s Sewing Yarn and fibrillated tapes for Big Bag Cloth
  • Carpet backing
  • Artificial grass
  • Ropes, Cords, twine/carrying Ropes

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  • Embossing/Dimpling
  • Breathable textiles
  • Increasing of surfaces
  • Optical effects

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  • Micro-perforated and laminated woven sacks
  • Air- and water permeability for food and non-food
  • Tear-off systems
  • Dirt and dust barrier
  • Filtration
  • Machinery builders
  • Toll Perforating

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  • Perforated leather or artificial leather Seats
  • Interior application of foils/films
  • Heat and noise insulation

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  • House wrapping films
  • Higher absorption capacity for laminates
  • Concrete Fibers
  • Optical effects for surfaces
  • Perforated Insulation
  • Noise reduction
  • Perforated Wallpaper

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  • Micro-perforation
  • Perforating of roll-goods
  • Cutting of tapes
  • Defined cutting of films
  • Embossing

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Non-Wovens and Hygiene

  • Apertured top-sheet
  • Perforated ADL
  • Breathable back-sheet
  • Perforated wipes

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Food and Agricultural Production

  • Food Packaging
  • Bread bags
  • Harvest Yarns

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