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of Tapes and Films

Leader in Fibrillation

Due to the continuous development of our machines and knowledge, we are in a position to offer various standard products and parts in special design, especially for the FIBRILLATING INDUSTRY.

A high quality standard and lifetime is requested of the fibrillating tools. Pins have proved to be ideal for the process of slicing films. With innovation and reliability, we gained the confidence of the leading machine and extrusion line manufacturers, both using our products for their individual applications.

High Density Fibrillation

For special applications we have developed fibrillating bars with a pin density of 100 pins /cm. This is a new record!

These bars are mostly used in PTFE fibrillation or for other demanding applications








Shark Fibrillating Bars

For fibrillation of elastic and multi-oriented materials, as well as recycled films – which can hardly be fibrillated under normal conditions-, we have developed special flat pin fibrillating bars called "Shark".

These bars can be used with the Burckhardt system on a grooved roller. The new bars have different pins which allow fibrillation of materials which have previously not been able to be fibrillated such as PE or elastic PP.

All existing Burckhardt fibrillating rollers can be equipped with Shark bars.

This innovation is protected by international patents.

Original Equipment Manufacturer

Most leading machine manufacturers are building our patented Fibrillating Rollers with exchangeable needle bars into the fibrillator of their tape units.

Optimal flexibility of the Burckhardt Fibrillating Rollers is granted, needle bars can be exchanged directly on the unit (without dismounting the roller).


Burckhardt Fibrillating Rollers

(Patents) offer unprecedented possibilities to meet the requirements of the product

  • Fibrillating roller of steel instead of bronze (hard chromium plated surface) for higher needle bar density and longer lifetime

Fibrillating Bars

(spare parts for the rollers) allow numerous technical possibilities:  

  • Maximum pin density up to 75 pins/cm (190 pins/inch)
  • The pin density can be doubled by mounting the bars in a staggered arrangement of the bars. Thus, a “honeycomb” structure can be achieved
  • Pin projection ranges from approx. 0.5 – 6mm
  • The pins can be arranged in several rows. To increase lifetime, stronger pins can be used
  • To minimize down-time, the needle bars can be exchanged without dismounting the fibrillating roller
  • Various pin inclinations can be chosen, to adapt to the material characteristic
  • Fibrillating Bars made of steel for longer life-time

In addition to the fibrillating rollers Syst. Burckhardt we also supply:

  • Separating combs
  • Conventional fibrillating rollers (needle cylinders)
  • Technical ceramic blades

Development and Consulting

The development of new applications and materials increases the demand for fibrillating rollers. Together with customers, we analyse the various parameters of a new application in order to match your requirements and the materials to be processed. Consequently the productivity, the quality of the tape and the life time of the needle bars are increased.


Fibrillated tapes are used in many products and applications, e.g.:

  • Carpet backing
  • Artificial lawn
  • Ropes, Cords, Sewing Yarn
  • Harvest Yarns
  • Packaging Cords
  • Concrete Fibers
  • Carrying Ropes
  • Tapes for Big Bag Cloth
  • Staple Fibers (PTFE)

Fibrillated films and tapes have many advantages

  • Simple processing
  • Production at reduced cost
  • Higher flexibility
  • Higher elasticity
  • Very good tear strength
  • Better abrasion resistance