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Precision Parts
with Holes and Pins

Key Competence

We have achieved a large experience in developing and producing high quality parts for the technical textile, plastics and other industries.

Drilling and pinning as well as fully automated lathing and milling of high precision parts.

  • CNC fine drilling from 0.2 - 3 mm Ø at speeds of up to 240 holes/min
  • CNC lathing for Ø up to 300 mm
  • CNC complete production of parts with length 100 mm and Ø of 160 mm

On the application side we are specialists for pinned tools and development of precision parts for highly demanding applications.

Precision Parts with Pins and Holes

  • Vacuum Rollers
  • Rotary Sealing Tools
  • High Pressure and Precision Sieves (drilled)
  • Pin Wheels
  • Hand Rollers
  • Pinned Transportation Rollers
  • Embossing Rollers
  • Flame Perforation Tools

Pinned Parts for Textile Industry

A selection of our pinned parts include:

  • Top combs and circular combs for cotton (Rieter) and wool combing machines (NSCl)
  • Faller bars of various types for NSC, Sant’ Andrea and numerous others
  • Plastic inserts for faller bars
  • Beater lags for Rieter and Hergeth
  • Grid bars of aluminium
  • Pin plates of brass , nickel plated with 1A nirosta pins V3M for all types of stenter machines
  • Brushes, circular brushes